Allison’s Closet

Allison stood in front of her closet, french doors wide open, contemplating what to wear to the party.

Nervous excitement buzzed through her as she thought of the people she’d meet and the short speech she would deliver. Allison thought to herself, “Lord, all eyes will be on me. Let me keep my eyes on you.”

Thumbing through the rack, there were so many choices. She selected a lavender dress so new, the price tag hadn’t been cut off yet. A mid-length column dress adorned with iridescent pearls cascading down the center, from the neck line and stopping a little above the waist. It was perfect; elegant and contemporary, but not uptight. Now for the accessories!

“How should I wear my hair?” Allison thought. A quick decision made with little consideration could be dangerous. Haste worn as an accessory, even worse. Allison decided on an updo; a slightly messy low chignon, secured with a silver clip.

High heels worn in judgement can lead to a tumble when trying to teeter on their heights. Shoes with a platform base are just as cute and provide a firm and wide base on which to stand. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. If it’s snug, try a larger size. There’s nothing worse than walking around in tight shoes!   Allison checked her progress in the mirror. “All eyes will be on me. Let me keep my eyes on you.”

“It’ll be chilly tonight. I’ll need a coat.” Again, Allison goes to her closet. Faux fur is politically correct, but a faux attitude is always a “don’t”.

The cloak of criticalness is heavy and cumbersome, making the wearer hot and unbearable. Throw it off! Instead, put on the coat of grace, whose value is immeasurable. In this case, one size truly does fit all! Allow the warmth of grace and mercy to thaw the chill to your bones, so you can extend your hands to those stung by the bitter cold.

Dressed and ready to go, Allison passed by the looking glass one more time, pleased with her ensemble. “All eyes will be on me. Let me keep my eyes on you.” she said aloud as she closed the door behind her.

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