They Don’t Know Who You Are

A little girl, fearless and strong, with boundless ambitions and dreams was plucked like petals from a flower by cruel and hungry wolves. The wolves sought to devour the little girl’s dreams and self-worth because they lacked their own. The little girl fought for a while, but soon outwardly conceded due to the continual mounting attacks. But inside, she continued to believe her dreams would come true. She retreated to the only safe place she knew; inside herself. The wolves didn’t know who she was…

The little girl, now a young lady, met a handsome prince who promised to love and cherish her. What the young lady didn’t know was that the prince would transform into a toad with many insecurities and that the condition of his love was that the young lady never grew or took risks.

The toad desperately needed to keep the young lady to himself because if he allowed her to see who he really was, she would run away. So the toad told her mean and untrue things about herself and her hopes for the future, locking her away in a dungeon. She was isolated from people who truly loved her. When the young lady would rise up, the toad struck back with reinforcing blows. The toad didn’t know who the young lady was, and soon, she didn’t either. She tunneled deeper within herself…

Then one dark, cold night, the dungeon was flooded with a marvelous light. In stepped the most beautiful and majestic king. The young lady recognized him instantly, though it had been a long time since she last saw him.

The King told her wonderful and hidden things she did not know and more importantly, who she was. Encouraged by this knowledge, the young lady pleaded with the King to help her escape her current circumstance. The King reassured her that everything would be alright and the dungeon door was unlocked; she could’ve left a long time ago. Seeing the fear and confusion in her eyes, the King lovingly took her hand and led her out of the dungeon, past the toad. His worst nightmare come true, the toad threaten the young lady physically, but she kept move forward, with her eyes on the King.

The King knew who she was and now she had to rediscover it for herself…

Little by little, the young lady grew into a young woman who learned to weld the weapons given to her by the King; truth dipped in ink and parchment as her sword and shield. She slayed many dragons and demons outside and within the city walls. Though the process was painful and the young woman would have been comfortable keeping the walls around her heart erected, she wanted more. She remembered what the King told her all those years ago.

The young woman encountered more wolves and toads, but the difference now was that she submitted to the King and his thoughts about her meant more than anyone else’s.

The King knew who the young woman was and now so did she…his daughter.       

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