Chronicles of Nadia; Ain’t to Proud to Beg

In the first story I wrote about Nadia, one of her many attributes mentioned was her expert level begging. It’s epic. Plain and simple, the girl loves treats and will stop at nothing to get them. We’ve given in and indulged Nadia to the point that her Yorkie strut was starting to turn into a waddle!

Nadia’s treats have been replaced with smaller, healthier ones, the bacon flavored goodies going to the wayside. The new treats elicit the same response; jumping up and down, spinning around in a circle and doing the equivalent of the doggie moonwalk (M.J. would’ve been proud). Nadia’s love for food isn’t limited to treats. She eats her food with the same level of excitement and gusto, but is just as excited when we’re cooking and eating our food. Nose in the air, taking in the aroma, sometimes sniffing so hard that she spins in a circle. It’s a sight to see.

We don’t feed Nadia table food, but that doesn’t deter her campaign. Her method of begging; standing with one of her front paws raised with big brown eyes lasered on you. Even though the answer to table food is no, it doesn’t stop her from making her request known. Hope springs eternal.

Sometimes timid, always tenacious and adorable in all of her ways, my little Nadia is always up for the challenge (and usually wins).

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