Cooler Than a Fan

My mom bought a couple pedestal fans for the house and asked me to put them together. So I did, in five minutes flat, without reading a single direction. I was pretty proud of myself.

 I turned the fan on, nothing. I tried every setting and speed, still nothing. With one hand gripping the side of the fan, in my frustration, I spun it like I was spinning the wheel on The Price Is Right. The blade spun, but it was more of a flop with a whining sound than the quiet hum of cool air being generated. Mom and I looked at each other and busted out laughing!

So I took the fan apart, since I clearly missed a step or two. After reading the directions, I found there was a part I needed to unscrew to better secure the blade in place so it would spin mechanically as it was made to, not by me spinning it with all the hope and might of making it to the showcase round. It’s amazing what happens when you slow down and read the directions.

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