Promise in the New Day

My daughter, as you stir from the night’s rest and open your eyes to the dawn, know that there is promise in the new day.

In your curiosity, so many things catch your attention. Keep me in your line of sight and allow me to be your vision.

When you feel like you’re alone, know that I am there where you are and will never leave. Call to me and I will show you great and hidden things you do not know.

Remember that when your options seem few, you always have a choice. Choose me. I’ve already chosen you. 


Flowers of the Field

Walking through the field of flowers, she noticed one that she didn’t remember planting. As dazzling as it was, that beautiful flower turned out to be a weed in disguise, lying in wait to encroach upon the soil and choke out the other flowers. Flowers don’t compete with each other; they shine and thrive in their own beauty.

“Pull the weeds and give me the seeds”, she said. “Turn over the ground in preparation to plant and grow something new.”

Silence is Golden

Silence can be deafening. Silence can be terrifying. Silence can also be the best way to objectively look at a situation.

When I’m too furious for words, I choose silence. It’s not that I lack words to express how I feel, I just choose not to fire verbal bullets and mortally wound you. Sure, it would make me feel better for the moment to open and serve a verbal can of whoop ass, annihilating you, but I’ll regret it later. I care, so I won’t intentionally hurt you.

I’ll look inward and upward to deal with my emotions, seeking meaning and perspective that will bring resolution. If I thought we could have an open and honest conversation at this point, I would. Since I know how it will end, what’s the point?

Shhh…embrace the silence. It is golden.

Beauty on the Side of the Road

Waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I turned my head to see a pair of birds on the side of the road. Not black birds scrounging for roadkill remains, but delicate, bright yellow birds with a splash of black draped across their backs like a shawl. Chatting back and forth in animated bird speak among the rusted metal cans and debris, who would think you’d find such beauty on the side of the road?


New Day, New Beginning

I can smile through the tears, find hope in the rain, knowing the sun will shine again. We can’t always control or choose the situations we deal with, but we can always choose our response and actions.

Lord, thank you for the lessons learned and for confirmation that I’m walking on the path, inching closer to what you’ve destined for me. Yesterday is gone, but the morning is new. That’s a hope and perspective that I’m thankful for.


Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

                                                                                     Lamentations 3:22-23(NIV) 

When I Think of You

When I think of you…

My eyes are brighter, smile is wider and my heart beats faster

I want to hold you closer, hug you longer and kiss you deeper than ever before

With my hand in yours, I’ll walk beside you in good times and bad, through hell and high-water, knowing that whatever we face in this life, we’ll do it together.

Time Will Reveal

They say time heals all wounds. Only if you let it. Sometimes, time reveals and gives new perspective of what’s important, precious and rare and worth fighting for. A necessary delay to rediscover and open-heartedly accept the gift presented to you. I can’t wait to see what time will reveal.

The Unexpected Lunch Date

I stopped into one of my stores to grab a quick lunch before beginning my store call. With lunch in hand, I made my way to a table and who did I see? My friend Bill.

Bill is a World War II veteran. He comes to the store for coffee while surfing the web on his laptop before shopping and catching up with the many friends he’s made throughout the store. I’m lucky enough to be counted among those numbers. Bill and I met one day as I worked. He stopped me to ask about my job. From time-to-time, I run into Bill and have brief, but pleasant conversation.

I took a seat at the table behind Bill so we were sitting catty cornered from each other. With wide blue eyes, Bill whispering for me to come closer like he had a secret to tell, only to give me a kiss on the cheek. I bet Bill was something else when he was younger because at 91, he’s something else now! Bill is always neatly dressed, proudly wearing his World War II veteran cap.

While I ate lunch, Bill and I chatted about love, life and how he planned to cook the baby back ribs he would share with neighbors later in the day. As Bill bid me goodbye to do his shopping, I couldn’t help but think about how much he reminds me of my grandfather. A twinkle in eye and a spring in his step, his zest for life unmistakable. I bet those baby back ribs were amazing.

Chronicles of Nadia; Don’t Fence Me In

We use a baby gate for Nadia to keep her from getting into trouble, like being able to climb up the steps but not knowing how to get back down (if she’s upstairs, we carry her back downstairs).

This morning, I went upstairs with the intent of coming back downstairs right away, so I propped the gate up without fastening it down. Once upstairs, I decided to get dressed. I remembered I didn’t fasten the gate. I didn’t worry because I knew Nadia would walk to the gate, but she wouldn’t touch it or knock it down because the resulting noise would scare her (she’s still timid when it comes to certain sounds and objects).

How many times have I approached a barrier in my life, accepting the gate was locked, not recognizing the latch was undone? Fear kept me from touching or knocking down the barrier that would allow me to get to the other side.

Needless to say, I went back downstairs to fasten the latch. Nadia is still timid, but she never ceases to amaze me with her ever-growing courage.


For we walk by faith, not by sight.  

                                  2 Corinthians 5:7