The Unexpected Lunch Date

I stopped into one of my stores to grab a quick lunch before beginning my store call. With lunch in hand, I made my way to a table and who did I see? My friend Bill.

Bill is a World War II veteran. He comes to the store for coffee while surfing the web on his laptop before shopping and catching up with the many friends he’s made throughout the store. I’m lucky enough to be counted among those numbers. Bill and I met one day as I worked. He stopped me to ask about my job. From time-to-time, I run into Bill and have brief, but pleasant conversation.

I took a seat at the table behind Bill so we were sitting catty cornered from each other. With wide blue eyes, Bill whispering for me to come closer like he had a secret to tell, only to give me a kiss on the cheek. I bet Bill was something else when he was younger because at 91, he’s something else now! Bill is always neatly dressed, proudly wearing his World War II veteran cap.

While I ate lunch, Bill and I chatted about love, life and how he planned to cook the baby back ribs he would share with neighbors later in the day. As Bill bid me goodbye to do his shopping, I couldn’t help but think about how much he reminds me of my grandfather. A twinkle in eye and a spring in his step, his zest for life unmistakable. I bet those baby back ribs were amazing.

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