What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting for everything to fall in place; the house, car, business opportunity, husband or wife. Thinking all will be right with the world once you get your heart’s desire, but what are you doing now?

Life is short and the next moment isn’t promised, so cherish the moments, opportunities and people in your life now. Work toward your goals. Take the trip. Start the business. Now. Be the person you were made to be now.

Live the life in front of you, so you’ll be ready, fulfilled and wiser when things do fall into place. It may not be the way you imagined, but it’ll be beyond your wildest dreams. What are you waiting for?


Base metal transformed into silver and gold, your power is what I seek. It’s what I need to fulfill my destiny.

Refiner’s Fire, separate the dross of my humanity from the precious metal that is malleable in your hand, forged in the white hot purity of your righteousness.

This girl is on fire, may be not in the same way Alicia Keys sang about, but she’s alive within the flame. In You, I found the answer to all mystery. Your fire is essential for your reflection in me to be what the world sees.



The other day, I scratched myself. Don’t really know how, the only evidence is the healing scar. I look at other scars and immediately recall their cause; jumping off a bike that, unbeknownst to me, had no brakes, the eyebrow scar that resulted in stitches because my cousin’s dog bit me and the cheek scar acquired when rolling down a hill in fun.

The scars have faded, but I’m aware of their presence. Some days, I look at myself and don’t readily see them. Other days, they’re the first point of focus. A scar is a reminder of pain from which you’ve come through the other side. Scars don’t define who you are. They’re evidence of what you’ve endured.

Who Are You?

I want to hear the magic of your stories, hear the music in your laughter. Both of ours together, becoming a chorus.

I want to learn what life experiences have shaped who you are; your joys, heartbreak, triumphs and struggles. Not to pry or judge, but simply know who you are. I’m willing to allow you to look into my heart and soul, so that you may do the same. Understanding the privilege and preciousness of such communion, the kindred of spirit that I already sense between us spurs me on.

I want to get to know you so that, perhaps, we’ll both be encouraged and inspired by each other’s world view to discover our uniqueness and commonalities. We’re on this earth to lift each other up and help each other along the way of walking our journey, so why not get to know each other?


I want to be open. Open to receive the gifts you’ve given and pre-destined for me. Not from a soulish feeling or desire, but one born of your Spirit.

Illuminate the eyes of my spirit, heart, mind and soul with discernment, and above all things, let me chase after you.

Depth Perception

I reach out, extending my hand and heart to you. As much as you want to do the same, past hurts and rejection won’t allow you to see how close I really am. It doesn’t matter that my words and actions add up to the sum of unconditional love. It doesn’t connect with your depth perception. I was doing battle with your past, in order to fight for our future. It’s a perpetual catch-22 situation of self-fulfilling prophecy.

So my depth perception allows me to realize the distance you’ve put between us, as this is where you feel safe. Stone cold reality syncs up in my head and heart that the hopes and plans we had for the future will never come into fruition.

I will always love you. I will always care about you. I will always be your friend. There just can’t be an “us”.  

Sea Glass

Serene jade, vibrant turquoise, regal emerald, delicate blush, rich indigo and sparkling white; sea glass are Neptune’s precious gems

Stones and shards, formed and colored through the continual ebb and flow of the tide, torrents of water and polished by the sand, its beauty is based on its journey

What a treasure to find these jewels on the shore, their brilliance reflecting through the sand

Forgiveness is About You

Forgive to further your growth process. Forgive to regain your peace of mind.

Forgiveness is about you

Forgiveness doesn’t mean staying in a bad situation that continually recycles itself, but the choice to learn the lessons and move forward with your life in a positive way.

Forgiveness is about you

Forgiveness isn’t about making light of the hurt, it’s moving beyond that moment. The circumstances and details surrounding the offense may be complex, but forgiveness is the catalyst for letting go of the pain. Approach life with open hands, instead of closed fists.

Forgiveness is about you

Don’t base your forgiveness on the thought that the person who hurt you will change, because they may not. That’s the revelation they’ll have to come to on their own. Forgive to reclaim and walk in your freedom.

Forgiveness is about you

Butterfly, Fly High

Butterfly, fly high, stopping along the way to enjoy the meadows and flowers

 The wild fluttering of your wings looks aimless at times, but there’s purpose in every movement

 Butterfly, fly high, sprinkling the magical dust of your iridescent wings over the earth

 No matter what obstacle you meet, nothing keeps you from making your way to complete your journey

 Butterfly, fly high. We’ll meet again in the spring