Every morning before the sun is up, I am, to begin the ride. Running my mind over the remnants of yesterday and weaving the tapestry of today, I ride. A mind clear and at peace gives way to the creativity of imagination and thought.

Accomplishments are hollow if there isn’t an obstacle or challenge to overcome. So I ride, building up sweat equity. Sweat equity applies to more that brick and mortar; it applies to flesh and bone, as well as relationships.

Pushing beyond the comfortable pace, legs on fire as I take over new territory. It would be so easy to stop and rest in meeting the old goal, but how can I expect to get to the next level if I don’t push myself to the limit?

Ten minutes left, the beat of the song keeps me going. Three minutes to go, “Come on kid, you’ve come this far”, I tell myself. Thirty seconds. What’s the difference if I quit? Who’s going to know? I’ll know, so I pedal forward to reach the goal.

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