Clean Sweep

Just like we do spring cleaning in our homes, deep clean your mind of the clutter and dirt left behind by past hurts, shame and resentment. Like clearing the cobwebs allows you to see and walk about unobstructed, clear your mind of memories that cloud your judgement and your way. Keep the wisdom gained and sweep the waste to the trash and take it to the curb. Sweep, sweep, sweep!

 Open the window to allow the fresh air of forgiveness to rid your house of the stale air. Wash the window of your soul of all the grime that’s accumulated. Attack the clutter by sorting through to keep what is of value, putting it in its rightful place. Wash and polish the baseboards and floors of the dust that has settled.

 Now, breathe in deep and smell the clean. Appreciate and bask in the unfiltered sunshine pouring into the room and into your soul. 

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