Who likes stale bread? I can’t think of ever being excited to sink my teeth into that. Sometimes eaten out of necessity, but not the most appetizing. Sure, it can be used to make delicious dishes; stuffing, bread pudding, croutons and french toast to name a few. In these cases, stale bread is transformed by eggs, spices, milk, butter, etc. to enhance the flavor and by cooking it, add to the crustiness that has already naturally occurred.

I don’t want to be like stale bread for any reason, but especially when it comes to relationships and purpose. I want to continually have the desire and action of taking over new territory with a fresh perspective and approach to old ideas and ways of doing things.

Ah, but when it comes to fresh bread, there’s nothing like the warm, buttery smell and texture. It’s comforting, hearty and make me feel at home.     

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