Free to Be

I want you to live the life you were meant to live, be the man you were created to be. Whether or not it’s with me, I want you to be free. These aren’t just pretty words on a page; there’s truth in them, but truth expressed with the utmost compassion, respect, hope, love and faith. 

Free from the hurt and rejection of the past. Free of the anger of not being seen for who you are, not appreciated for all that you have to offer. You’re a good son. You’re a good man. 

Free to know and trust that you can go to your Heavenly Father with the guilt and shame, understanding that he already knows, he cares and loves you more than anyone else ever could. 

Contrary to the popular definition of a real man, it’s okay to cry. It’s healthy to trade stoicism for transparency. It’s a beautiful thing to be free. 

Free to know, feel and trust that even though it feels like we’re worlds apart right now, you’re not far from my mind and heart; you’re close to home. You are so incredibly loved, that it can swim across the divide.  

Free to rise. Free to soar. Free to look upon the horizon with hope and expectation.   

Free to be

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