Know the Story

Every tear has a story. Some tears are shed in sadness, repentance, anger or joy.
Yet, some tears fall because of standing in the awesome presence of God.
Overwhelmed by his grace, mercy and amazing love, the saturation of his spirit in
our hearts is expressed in uncontainable tears.
No matter the reason, tears are cleansing for the soul.
Before making assumptions or judgements, know the story.

7 thoughts on “Know the Story

  1. Hello. I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep, decided to jump on wordpress and read a bit. I saw that, for some reason, I was no longer “following” your blog. I’m like, “What?” This is an issue I’ve been having for the past month. The blogs that I “follow” are being mysteriously “unfollowed.” I, of course, just click the “follow” button again. I just wanted to tell you that. I don’t want you to ever think I would “unfollow” your blog on my own.
    God bless.

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    • Good morning, John. That’s weird (and I’m sure frustrating) what’s happening with blogs you’re following. For some reason, I dont’t receive an email notifying me when you’ve posted a new entry. It’s not a big deal because I scroll through my feed to see what you’ve posted recently. Have you received emails alerting you to new posts that I or any other blogger have made (I put my techie hat on)? There are FAQ forums that you can check to see if someone has experienced the same issue and figured out how to fix it, as well as the ability to ask for assistance. I would try that, if you haven’t already.

      I don’t think you would intentionally unfollow my blog, but I appreciate the thoughtfulness of explaining the technical difficulties.😊 Now, regarding you not being able to go back to sleep, are you ok? I hope that’s not too personal, just thought I’d ask.

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      • Jen, yes, I tried the chat support option on three different occasions. The first person said he was unsure of why that would be happening. The second person told me it may be because I’m “following” too many blogs and told me that there is a limit to how many blogs I can “follow” in a certain amount of time, but then when i asked ‘How many in what amount of time’ he didn’t answer. The third person, when things got really bad, told me that my “follow” option was disabled and he just re-enabled it. What? That sounded crazy to me, but he’s the tech employee, not me, so I had to go with it. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is having this issue but me.

        As for the sleep issue. It’s just something that happened. It doesn’t happen frequently. I woke up and had trouble getting back to sleep. There was a time, years ago, when I regularly had trouble falling asleep, like every night. Oh, and no, It’s not too personal a question. Ask away. Remember my post? “It’s Okay To Ask Questions.” 🙂
        God bless.

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      • Wow, that explanation about following too many sites in a specified time frame (without a definitive time frame given) serms counterintuitive for application devoted to….blogs and websites, lol! Sounds like you’ve exhausted all avenues of the technical front. Hopefully, the issue will correct itself, in time.

        I just wanted to make sure you were okay, so I’m glad it was just some restlessness. And yes, I remember your post. I appreciate your openess. 😊

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      • Jen. LOL, “One of those people.” I laughed because there has been a time or two when I “Liked” my own post. So, sometimes, when the mood strikes, I become one of those people. But, I will say, I’ve never “liked” one of my own relies. But, don’t worry, I will not go around thinking you’re “one of those people.” You made me laugh this morning.
        God bless.

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