The Truth Hurts, But Love Heals

She was lost in thought. In a grocery store, delightfully distracted by the tasks before her. Oblivious to what’s going on around her, she suddenly became aware of a presence, the kind you feel when you realize you’re being watched. She looked up and into the eyes of the man whose very existence used to bring such joy, peace and assurance.

He began to speak; clumsy small talk, stumbling down the road of an explanation of their last conversation. He told her how much he missed her. He spoke. She listened. At the end of his words, his eyes searched hers for a response. She began to speak words she hadn’t verbalized to anyone but her God and her own heart. She told him she didn’t miss him, because the man she loved didn’t exist; he was what he projected and what she wanted to believe. The woman stated that while his actions were disrespectful and unconscionable, she had to take responsibility for enabling him.

She realized the pain that he inflicted on her and others are a mirror of the turmoil roiling inside of him and in an attempt to quench the desire for unconditional love and acceptance, he sought comfort and validation in money, career accomplishments and women. His need was never-ending, insatiable in its hunger for more, but the only thing that would truly satisfy him is the love of Christ. Her statement was not sanctimonious or condemning, but said from a heart that understood like never before that she needs the same for herself. She was beginning to really get that He is the only one who should have her heart completely and only out of that love could she truly love. Her focus is on loving Jesus more and without abandon and that the man God has for her would be doing the same for himself.

Looking into the man’s stunned eyes, the woman told him she forgave him and this was a lesson she had to learn. In order to understand what true love is, she had to experience what true love is not. The truth hurts, but love heals.

5 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts, But Love Heals

  1. This is another strong piece. I am truly enjoying your writing. I appreciate the realization, in this piece, in the way it was expressed, that the love of God and Jesus should take precedence over all else. That’s something I try to get across in my writing as well.
    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. 🙂
    God bless.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I appreciate your comments/observations, which are dead on. Transparency and authenticity through the Holy Spirit’s leading is always my focus. While that was a painful and totally unexpected experience, I’m so thankful for God’s protection and that he is using what I went through to further still shape me into the woman He created me to be.

      I think one of the reasons your writing resonates with me is for that same reason. The circumstances and the experiences may be different, but how you choose to learn, grow and heal from them is the same. You know I’ll keep tuning in to what you’re writing.😊 Continue to go forward and allow God to use you. Thank you again…Jen

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      • Jen, I wrote a response to this but it seems to have never been delivered, or disappeared. It basically said that I’m sorry you had to go through those painful moments that you’ve written about, but glad that you’ve overcome it and are seemingly stronger for it. Those painful parts of our lives have a tendency to teach, enabling us to grow and learn and see more clearly.
        God bless.


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      • Hi John. Sorry for the delayed response. It was a hectic work day. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. Knowing that God is really looking out for me makes all the difference. People say that all the time, but when something happens and it’s undeniable that He is intervening , it’s sobering. You’re absolutely right about growing and learning from our experiences, with the proper perspective. God bless you as well.

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  2. Jen, I’m sorry that you had gone through such a painful experience, but glad you’ve overcome it and, seemingly, are stronger for it. We are all God’s works in progress. Pain, while unfortunate, enables us to learn and grow and see more clearly.
    God bless.


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