Diamonds and pearls. Silver and gold. Veils and tiaras. A veil covers more than a bride’s face from her intended; it is the covering of deceit to two women. Just a smidgen of truth interwoven with a ton of lies, but I found and unraveled the thread. Empty promises carried in vessels of words flowed effortlessly from your lips.

When confronted with the truth, the mask became hot and you started to sweat. Realizing your ultimate goal wouldn’t be accomplished, defensiveness and angry insults spilled forth, though you tried to reel them back. It’s too late; peek-a-boo, I see you!

No longer blind, the warrior’s eyes are focused on what’s real and her legs are strong for the journey forward. She knows it’ll be a hard road, but it is better than being where God isn’t. With back straight and head held high, she embraces the Truth, for it has set her free.

4 thoughts on “Free

    • Thank you for the support and feedback. Writing has always been a source of enjoyment, reflection and discovery for me. I sense it’s the same for you because you express yourself honestly and clearly. One of my teachers said that a mark a great writer is being able to hear their voice through what they’ve written. I don’t know what your voice sounds like, but through your writing, I can hear what I imagine it sounds like. Just keep going because there is beauty in it. Make today great…Jen

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      • Jen, yes, I know what mean about hearing the writer’s voice. You too have a strong writing voice. It’s not something the reader perceives auditorily, but a voice that the reader picks up on from the writer’s style, the way they string their sentences together, that is their own and they can be identified by it, like a signature or a fingerprint. You have an effective writing style like that.
        Stay awesome.
        God bless.


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      • Thank you for your feedback and support, John. Coming from an outstanding writer like yourself, it means alot. It made me smile. You’re absolutely right about perceiving the writer’s voice through the cadence of their sentence structure. My imagination always gets the better of me, though. I imagine facial expressions, tone of voice, if they talk with their hands (like I do), etc, lol. Thanks again and keep up the great work. 😊

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