8 thoughts on “Little Drummer Girl

  1. Love the choice of photos you choose with your heartfelt words of inspiration and encouragement. It’s very soft, gentle like a breeze. Your site has a really nice feel of “ease”. Thank you for sharing your precious creative gifts!

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    • Hello. Thank you for stopping by ( and the follow), your kind words and observations. My goal is to be honest in my writing and reflect what I’ve learned or am in the process of learning. I stopped by your site and based on what I’ve read and your very thoughtful comments from posts on other sites, I look forward to reading more. Have a great day!

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  2. You’re welcome. My apologies for the delay . . . . your honesty is expressed in a very graceful and comforting way. My hope is that your life reflects some of the ease in which you express yourself. Some readers need to read from a life of extra comfort and structure. (I could be WAY, WAY off here.) Like me, I found comfort in friends growing up, who you happen to remind me of . . . . beautiful, accepting, and now God’s child, etc.
    That’s what I love about discovering writers on WordPress. They/We are neighborly, and yet have a commonality around the world. I tend to write “as if” to the world (I’ve almost covered it), because my Korean mother reared me to think about the world . . . . outside the town we lived in, making my mind vast and very divided. Looking back . . . . it’s kind of complicated.
    Through it all, God has been and is . . . . ALWAYS very gracious providing His understanding, wisdom, and all those good things.
    Thank you for your many encouraging words in various creative forms, and for the follow!
    May God bless you mightily!

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    • Hi Ikat. No worries as far as the delay. Things have been hectic my way and today is the first chance I’ve had to catch up on somethings myself. I enjoy your writing style, perspective (love the way you speak of your mom and tell her story) and format of your site, so the follow was a no brainer.

      My life has had it’s ups/downs and challenges, but I can look back and see God’s love, mercy and grace lavished all over it, which makes all the difference. I’m just trying to share and if it helps someone else, that’s comforting. Thanks for compliment (me reminding you of friends). That means alot.

      I know what you mean about the WordPress community; there are some fine writers on this site and it’s refreshing for me to listen (that may sound funny, but when I’m reading a post, I’m also listening for what the writer may not be saying in words, but feeling) someone tell their story and share their point of view.

      Keep up the great work! May God bless you ridiculously (beyond what you could ask or think), as well!

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  3. You’re so sweet! “Kat” is cool too. I’ll call you “Glass”, just don’t shatter . . . . Shine on and reflect Light! I totally understand what you’re saying. Words definitely elicit feelings, and poetry says a lot. Everything I write says something that isn’t “there”. I posted something by Robert Frost that . . . . believe it or not, explained the concept to me!

    I never read poetry EVER, and began writing it. All my “art” is a God-given gift. I’ve written previously, but not like this. So I’m publicly testing my new style.

    There would have been a day, doing this would have terrified me! That’s not why we write. It’s not for us, and nobody on Earth is our judge.

    Have a terrific weekend!
    Write on!

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    • Ok, I’ll call you Kat. You can call me Glass or Jen, which ever you like, lol!

      I think your writing style is fantastic, so keep going, allowing God to stretch and expand your vision and gifts. I’ve been writing since I was a child; essays, short stories, poetry, etc., but I kept alot of it to myself, so me having a blog is something I never imagined. I just felt like God was impressing upon me to share.

      I’m so glad to have “met” you and look forward to continued reading and sharing. Have a great weekend, as well!

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  4. To my new friend “Glass of Jen”!
    It would be beautiful to read an adult’s writing, written as a child . . . . stored away like I have some tiny toys that were miraculously saved. Still raw with the little finger prints on the paper, or the lead smudged from a #2 pencil, and/or the marks from eraser.
    (I’m visualizing there with no real age in mind, sounds really young. Don’t mind me. I can’t see what you have.) It sounds near and dear to you heart. Photos would be awesome too, bring it to life, (There’s a method to that, feel free to write me on my site if you have questions there. I’m no guru with technology, but I am a photographer.)
    Have another blessed day!

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    • Good morning, Kat. That’s an interesting writing challenge that you’ve mentioned. I like to experiment with writing styles/perspectives, so I’ll have to think about/work on that. I posted a piece called Allison’s Closet over a year ago that you may want to check out. It’s not necessarily what you’re talking about, but I had alot of fun writing it. Have an awesome day!


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