If It Pleases You

Lord, let all I say and do pass the litmus test of pleasing you
Let every thought and motive be judged by that standard
Because if it pleases you, it’ll be compassionately honest, kind,
full of integrity, mercy and grace
Others may not like it or agree, but if it pleases You,
that’s all that matters to me

A Warrior’s Strength

There’s strength in admitting where you’re weak and that you
need the Spirit of God to intervene. It’s where reality meets and is
overridden by God’s ability and willingness to do more than we
can ask or think. A warrior doesn’t fight and go forth in his or her
own strength; they go forth in the spirit of their King.

So he said to me,”This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by
might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. –
Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)


Simply the Best

Our best life is found in yours. Our best plans form out of surrender to you.
Our best dreams go beyond our imagination to realization when we let you
lead the way.

You go before us, showing us the holds for our hands and feet. How to cling
to the rock in preparation for the next move.

You know the mountains in our path and the road we currently travel. In
your hand are the best directions to lead us to our destiny.

As I Am

Fearfully and wonderfully made, you didn’t make a mistake. Physically, mentally,    emotionally and spiritually, there’s no one like me. Let the standard of beauty I aspire to, be one of compassion, strength, gentleness and authenticity.

 Fearfully and wonderfully made, I embrace all that I am and all that you’re cultivating in    me, for your glory. Use what I perceive as weakness or flaws to show your character and strength. I come to you as I am, nothing more.


                                          In a crowd, in the midst of many, how do you stand out?

                                                       By being you; beautiful, unique, original.

                                                                              Just be you.  


Pursue me.

But only when you realize that you can’t do without looking into my eyes, seeing

my smile, hearing my laugh, appreciating my brain, loving our conversations about

anything and everything and cherishing my compassionate heart.

 I’m a 21st century woman with old fashioned values; not afraid to take initiative

and kick down walls, but also a lady who wants her man to take her hand to help  

her walk over the bricks.

 Comprehend that your life will never be the same without me and that alone

outweighs the fear. That alone is worth the risk.


Who likes stale bread? I can’t think of ever being excited to sink my teeth into that. Sometimes eaten out of necessity, but not the most appetizing. Sure, it can be used to make delicious dishes; stuffing, bread pudding, croutons and french toast to name a few. In these cases, stale bread is transformed by eggs, spices, milk, butter, etc. to enhance the flavor and by cooking it, add to the crustiness that has already naturally occurred.

I don’t want to be like stale bread for any reason, but especially when it comes to relationships and purpose. I want to continually have the desire and action of taking over new territory with a fresh perspective and approach to old ideas and ways of doing things.

Ah, but when it comes to fresh bread, there’s nothing like the warm, buttery smell and texture. It’s comforting, hearty and make me feel at home.